About PT. Permata Gobel Karya Sejahtera

The Best Choice for Indonesian Worker

PT. Permata Gobel Karya Sejahtera (PGKS), is a government authorized Indonesian manpower supply company (license no.37/MEN/2016) located in Gempol, East Java. Which was established in 2008.

PGKS's mission adheres to the commitment of Indonesian government to send zero unskilled workers overseas.

PGKS aims to consistently deliver professional and qualified workers by focusing our effort and resources on the training and placement competent skilled workers.

More About Us

Best Employment Service

PGKS is one of the best employment service companies in Indonesia, receiver of Best Manpower Supply Company Award from BNP2TKI and University of Indonesia from 2012-2015.

High Commitment

Committed to serve our customers and community with the highest level of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Complete Training Facilities

Fully equipped and ceaselessly expanding training facilities, to accommodate our overseas clients’ need of workforces in various work sectors.

Our Facilities

Adequate training facilities are essential in creating qualified and competent workers, preparing them with vital skills required for working overseas; which cannot obtained from formal education alone.